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Ultrasonic Au wire bondability of aluminium alloy thin film metallisations - Industrial Member Report 359/1988


TWI Industrial Member Report Summary 359/1988

S T Riches


Aluminium alloy thin film metallisations (Al-Si, Al-Cu and Al-Si-Cu) are currently being used and further developed for interconnection and contact materials on Si integrated circuits instead of pure Al. Wire bondability to alloyed metallisations has been reported to be more difficult than to unalloyed metallisations and subject to variations between and within batches of nominally identical thin films. In the work reported here, Au wire ultrasonic wire bonding trials were conducted on a range of commercially available Al alloy thin film metallisations at a number of standard conditions. The effect of deposition conditions, thermal treatments, wafer fabrication and packaging on the Au wire bondability of an Al-Si-Cu thin film metallisation is also described.

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