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 February 2019

We are aware that some Members are experiencing difficulties finding relevant information via the new search engine. While we work to correct these issues, Members can send their literature search requests to or access Weldasearch itself further down this page.


Comprehensive – TWI’s and the world’s materials joining knowledge

Trustworthy – Managed by information professionals, backed by technical experts

Exclusive – Members access unique information beyond the public domain


Library and Information Services

Built up over six decades, TWI’s library holds unique collections of information on all aspects of materials, joining and integrity management. From the earliest codes and standards to the latest ebooks, the service is used by TWI Members worldwide when they need trustworthy and comprehensive information to support decision-making.

How we can help you

  •  Materials property searches
  • Literature searches, using Scopus, ProQuest Dialog and our own resources
  • Supply of full text articles (subject to copyright restrictions)
  • Market and technology intelligence


February 2019

We are working to integrate Weldasearch with other TWI technical information so that they can searched from a single point. However, this is not yet working fully and Members may have difficulty finding what they're looking for. We are working to correct this and while this is ongoing Weldasearch is available to Members to search via this link. If preferred, Members can send their information search requirements to


Weldasearch is now integrated into TWI's global search. A collection of short abstracts of more than 230,000 articles on welding, joining and all related technologies, produced by TWI Information Services. The database aims to be a comprehensive record of relevant worldwide literature published since 1968.

If you are a Member of TWI you can find out the latest Weldasearch updates here.

Access to Weldasearch is included as part of TWI Membership.

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Browse, read and download our growing collection of ebooks on all aspects of materials, joining and structural integrity.

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Library books

Search our library of more than 30,000 printed books, research reports, conference proceedings and more that you can borrow. Subjects covered include metallic and non-metallic materials, non-destructive testing, corrosion, fracture and fatigue in applications ranging from pipelines and pressure vessels to stents and microelectronic circuits.


Welding consumables

The MI-21 database is your guide to welding consumables selection. This database allows you to compare details of current and past products, relate them to standard grades, and link to suppliers. Consumables can be traced by trade name, chemical composition and weld metal mechanical properties.

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