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Science and Engineering Podcasts: The Undistilled Series

TWI’s Science and Engineering podcast, The Undistilled Series, helps you stay up-to-date with the latest global technology developments and innovations. Part science podcast and part engineering podcast, The Undistilled Series brings real life science news and engineering developments direct to you.

Telling real stories from across a variety of science and engineering disciplines, we speak to TWI's world class experts as well as leading authorities from industry and academia.

The Undistilled series, covers everything from aerospace engineering to civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics and beyond. We are aiming to provide a genuine, authentic insight into science and engineering.

Our long-form content style, offers a deeper dive into the fascinating lives of scientists and engineers, at the absolute pinnacle of their technical field.

Whether you are an engineering student, a professional with years of experience, or just interested in the latest happenings from across industry, our impartial and independent stance means that you will find something to engage you.

Other Podcasts

We would also urge you to check out other podcasts in this field, such as:

1. The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry

A BBC 4 show, The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry is a unique science podcast with a Sherlock Holmes themed style. Presented by Hannah Fry and Adam Rutherford the series covers everyday science mysteries. Listen to the podcast here.

2. The Infinite Monkey Cage

Another BBC 4 podcast hosted by Brian Cox and Robin Ince covering a wide range of science related topics. Episodes explore the universe from UFOs to small creatures such as insects. You can listen to their entertaining episodes here.

3. Naked Scientists

Presented by Dr Chris Smith a University Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, the Naked Scientists is a great choice for those wanting to listen to scientists having informative discussions on a range of interesting topics. Listen to the latest episode here.

4. The Engineering Commons Podcast

Hosted by Jeff Shelton, Adam, Brian, Carmen Parisi and Chris Gammell, The Engineering Commons Podcast covers practical insights into modern engineering. Listen here

5. The Engineers Collective Podcast

For those wondering where engineering is heading and wanting to find out how engineers will overcome these challenges, this podcast is for you. Listen here for more future developments in the engineering field

6. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

With over 100 million downloads and 1 million followers, the Skeptics Guide to the Universe is one of the more popular science podcasts. The shows are updated weekly and offer a wide range of topics in the science field. Listen to the lastest episode here.

7. The Nature Podcast

Nature is a weekly journal that publishes research within the science and technology field. Their podcast covers a range of topics within this space. Listen to the lastest episode here.

8. NASA’s Houston We Have A Podcast

One of NASA's podcasts, presented by NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. This gives a real insight into the latest developments of space travel and the universe. For those interesed in space you can find the episodes here

9. The Engineering Career Coach Podcast

A show dedicated to helping engineers progress in both their lives and careers. Sited by Forbes as one of 15 most inspiring podcasts, you can find the most recent epiosed here to listen to.