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Medical Device Consulting

TWI has decades of experience in helping medical equipment companies to meet their technology and regulatory compliance challenges to manufacture cost-effective products.

The medical device industry is worth €115bn in Europe, of which €9.07bn is from the UK, making it an important economic area, as well as the clear healthcare implications and benefits it brings. 

Of course, there is a requirement to ensure medical technology products are manufactured in line with the relevant quality systems and standards, such as ISO 13485.

Such regulatory affairs cross global markets to cover vital product safety measures for items including, for example, in-vitro diagnostic medical devices, and TWI's quality and standards team are able to help make sure your products and manufacturing methods comply.

In addition to the highly regulated nature of the medical device industry, which creates a requirement for thorough development and testing, many of these products require complex joining solutions.

We have years of experience working with the medical industry to solve diverse medical device product development problems, including responding to device recall.

Key industry sub-sectors within TWI Medical include orthopaedicsdiagnostics, active implantable devices, reusable and single use healthcare support devices, surgical instruments and drug delivery products, although we have worked on projects in most medical specialities. This means that we can help with your product development, whether you are producing inexpensive high volume products or low volume high value items.

Our input into the product and device development process ranges from simple advice on the selection of materials and  joining technology, through to the design and development of new and prototype products, as well as business planning and process support.

Among our wide range of services, TWI can assist in product development, device consultancy services and quality management for medical technology. 

TWI's team has an in-depth knowledge of collaborative research and development, ranging from expertise in consortium building and bid writing through to large-scale programme management, and is happy to talk to medical device manufacturers interested in knowing more about collaborative R&D funding.

Although our team's technology offering is wide ranging, the core expertise lies in:

We also deliver knowledge transfer services to Innovate UK linked to the Assisted Living Innovation Platform and the Detection and Identification of Infectious Agents Innovation Platform.

For more information about our engineering consultancy and support services to the medical industry, please email

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