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TWI's power industry experts help utility companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), research organisations, service companies, nuclear decommissioning agencies and regulators to ensure the safe, continuous and profitable operation of all kinds of energy generation and electrical power distribution plant and assets.

Adding value

For more than 55 years, we have added value to the power industry by providing technological solutions, advice and consultancy, all underpinned by world-class research. 

Our state-of-the-art research facilities provide a one-stop-shop to our Members, to help them enhance best practice and reduce their operating costs through the effective use of advanced technologies and techniques.

In particular, we can help Members to:

  • Reduce operation and maintenance (O&M) costs
  • Improve risk management
  • Develop novel solutions for challenging applications

Focusing on challenges

Power industries are currently facing considerable challenges. Worldwide demand for electricity is growing at a time when energy-generating equipment is approaching the end of its service life. In addition, concerns over security of supply and the potential effects of climate change are driving forward new technologies, leading to an increasing diversification of the generating mix.

As well as the introduction of higher-efficiency coal,  combined cycle gas turbine plants, and improvements to plant integrity and power transportation, there is a global trend for low-carbon technologies ranging from  nuclear fission and fusion to  renewables such as solar,  wave,  wind, hydro and  biomass, together with the newly emerging carbon abatement technologies (CAT) including carbon capture and storage (CCS).

At TWI, we focus our technologies and support on helping Members to overcome the challenges of today and the anticipated challenges of tomorrow, covering the following:

Additive Manufacturing

TWI has been at the forefront of metal additive manufacturing (AM) technology development for the last 25 years, and has built up detailed knowhow covering fundamental technology development, production and commercial exploitation.

We have worked with a diverse range of organisations and industry sectors including power. 

Our  dedicated AM website makes it easy for companies interested in using AM technologies to see the full breadth of our capabilities and services in this area.

From initial feasibility studies and business case proposals, numerical modelling and topology optimisation, and material and process selection, to finishing, heat treatments, testing, certification and validation, as well as relevant standards, our AM support covers everything. 

Driving change

TWI is also the co-founder, alongside the Energy Institute, of the  Ageing and Life Extension Information Forum or AlexInfo - a unique resource providing the energy sectors with access to technical information, events and courses relating to ageing, life extension and asset integrity management.  

For more information about our services to the power generation industry, please email

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