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Power Generation Services

TWI provides power generation services to help utility companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), research organisations, service companies, nuclear decommissioning agencies and regulators to ensure the safe, continuous and profitable operation of all kinds of energy generation and electrical power distribution plants and assets.

Adding value

For more than 55 years, we have added value to the power industry by providing owner's engineers with cost effective technological solutions, engineering design management services, advice and power generation consultancy services. This is all underpinned by world-class research.

We have assisted with power projects across the globe, offering advice and support to clerks of works (inspectors) and plant operators with everything from detailed design to asset management and inspection, and through to failure mitigation and analysis.

Global Power Plant Generation Services

The future of global electrical power generation is an area that is undergoing significant change as industry looks to provide cleaner solutions with reduced carbon emissions. These solutions include a move away from coal generated power systems and towards more environmentally friendly tidal, solar, biomass, wind, geothermal or hydro-based generation as well as more efficient combined cycle natural gas turbine or nuclear power technologies.

With an ever-increasing usage of electricity around the world, the future of electricity generation is pushing electrical power engineering consultants to find modern thermal power solutions, such as fusion nuclear engineering. 

TWI provides a wide range of power plant engineering services and support to assist project management for Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies during the power plant construction phase. Efficient power engineering construction requires EPCs to recognise any issues or welding related defects in order to prevent later failures as well as ensuring additional project costs aren't incurred due to missed construction deadlines.

Our state-of-the-art research facilities provide power plant engineering services to our Members, helping them enhance best practice as well as reducing their operating costs through the effective use of advanced technologies and techniques.

In particular, we can help our Members to:

  • Reduce power plant operation and maintenance (O&M) costs
  • Improve risk mitigation management through field service support
  • Develop novel solutions for challenging applications
  • Weld balance of plant
  • Mitigate and recover from welding issues

Areas We Cover

Services We Provide

Focusing on challenges

Power industries are currently facing considerable challenges.

Worldwide demand for electricity is growing at a time when some conventional power generating equipment is approaching the end of its service life.

In addition, concerns over security of supply and the potential effects of climate change are driving forward new technologies and energy projects, leading to an increasing diversification of the generating mix.

As well as the introduction of higher-efficiency coal, combined cycle gas turbine plants with heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), and improvements to plant integrity and power transportation, there is a global trend for low-carbon technologies.

This low-carbon trend ranges from nuclear fission and fusion to renewables such as solar,  wave,  wind, hydro, geothermal and biomass, together with the newly emerging carbon abatement technologies (CAT) including carbon capture and storage (CCS).

TWI's power system engineering services and expertise encompasses nuclear power engineering, steam power engineering, and other thermal power engineering methods. 

At TWI, we focus our technologies and support on helping Members to overcome the challenges of today and the anticipated challenges of tomorrow, covering the following:

Driving Change

TWI is also the co-founder, alongside the Energy Institute, of the Ageing and Life Extension Information Forum (or AlexInfo).

This is a unique resource providing the energy sectors with access to technical information, events and courses relating to ageing, life extension and asset integrity management.

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TWI is now part of the UK small modular reactor consortium discover more here.

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