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Values Recognition Scheme

Our Values

Our six values provide a point of reference for the way we expect our people to operate and behave:

TWI Values

team-workBuilding effective working relationships, we accomplish more together


Championing new ideas and sharing knowledge to solve industry problems


Putting safety first
and delivering our


trusting relationships
with our customers


Engaging positively
with change to meet the needs of the business


Valuing the contribution from every individual, creating value for our customers

Most Recent Nominees


Chris Worrall

CUSTOMER FOCUS - NIC had a number of projects that were problematic. Chris Worrall stepped up and spent a lot of time in addressing the needs of committee members from organisations. This took him over hundred hours on top of his usual work load. The customers are highly satisfied with his service and have requested he take technical lead in a number of projects.


Vidya Pilla

CUSTOMER FOCUS - Despite working from home along with handling two kids, she would never miss a call from the customer and she even worked hard to add a candidate in the last moment so that candidate would not suffer or wait till the next batch, helping the organisation to generate business.


Project Team

Ashley Spencer, Catherine Richardson, Mike Jamieson, Callum Ames, Paul Evans, Karl Chisholm, Sean Hall, Ben Neal, Kyriakos Mouzakitis

TEAMWORK - We currently have a project with a Key Account Member which has seen big delays caused by the Spanish work permit / VISA process following Brexit. All technicians who were originally assigned to the project - plus extra support who have volunteered and been drafted in - have all shown huge dedication to teamwork and adaptability by all stepping up to the plate; whether it be to access extra training; going out of their way to sort out VISA documentation (including duplicates required sometimes and multiple visits to consulates!) and being available to travel to Spain to support the project at very short notice, especially during holiday season.



Johnathan Martin, Oliver Watts, Marcus Young, Pedro De Sousa Santos, Paul Clark, Kate Franklin, Sam Holdsworth, Jeroen De Backer, Stuart Page, Joe Sykes, Nathan Horrex, Lee Dawson, Elizabeth Hoyos-Pulgarin, Stephen Cater

FFP & SYF Team photo

TEAMWORK - I would like to nominate my team colleagues in FFP (now FWP) as well as my manager Jonathan Martin alongside the SYF team. They have made me feel extremely welcome since joining TWI this April and have been very supportive with my on-boarding and adaptation to working here at TWI. Joao, Kate, and Pedro have embraced me into our project leader team here in Cambridge, and they have devoted time to support me with project work and enquiries so that I don't feel overwhelmed or too out of my depth. The technicians in the team have shown me the ropes of our equipment and been a great source of wisdom and support when I have any questions about their work.


Project Team

Karl Chisholm, Paul Evans, Sean Hall, Mike Jamieson, Kyriakos Mouzakitis, Dorothee Panggabean, Catherine Richardson

TEAMWORK - A team made of technicians and project leaders from NDT, MPC, NIS, AWE and VAL were deployed overseas for site work. The team members, many of which had not previously worked together or even met, worked together across departments and sections, to meet the requirements of a demanding client.


Jack Smith

INNOVATION & EXPERTISE - There has been huge demand for the high pressure hydrogen testing facilities at TWI. Jack Smith has been amazing at designing, building and commissioning a new lower pressure facility. This new testing machine has allowed up to six lower pressure tests to be performed in a week rather than the usual two per week that we achieve using our existing higher pressure testing equipment.

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