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Material and Product Testing

Understanding the performance of materials, coatings and joints in-service is essential if your products and structures are to meet their operating requirements. We offer extensive test facilities that encompass all aspects of testing. This includes UKAS-accredited standard testing (Test House) and bespoke purpose designed/built systems designed to mimic in-service conditions of products and structures. Following on from this, a large range of analysis systems can be used to help examine destructively tested specimens, products and components.

All tests carried out at TWI are conducted by experienced engineers, adept at working with different equipment types and drawing meaningful analyses from the generated data, so that you can effectively understand impacts on the performance of your products or assets.

Materials characterisation and analysis

Understanding how materials behave, degrade and relate to each other is a fundamental part of the research that takes place at TWI, and factors into much of the work we conduct for our Members.

This includes assessment of the suitability of materials and coatings for specific applications, against your design criteria, expected operating conditions and associated code, standard and customer requirements. Systems and facilities available to support this task include:

  • Optical and scanning electron microscopy
  • 3D X-ray microscopy
  • X-ray diffraction apparatus
  • Non-contact profilometry

See here for more details of our materials testing facilities. 


Mechanical testing

We invest heavily to develop and build custom test facilities that can accommodate myriad combinations of structure or component specifications, geometry, loading conditions, environmental conditions and failure parameters including:

See here for more details of our mechanical testing facilities.


Corrosion and environmental testing

Understanding how materials behave, degrade and relate to each other is a fundamental part of the research that takes place at TWI, enabling you to maximise the performance and lifetime of your products.

Our materials scientists have the depth of knowledge to develop solutions to all manner of materials-related problems, without compromising on safety or quality. Our knowledge, experience and facilities encompass a wide range of test environments and applications, which include:

See here for more details of our corrosion and aggressive environment (high temperature/pressure) facilities.


Some recent examples of pioneering work on behalf of our Members include the establishment or development of the following:


  • Materials performance in 500bar supercritical carbon dioxide
  • Critical flaw sizes for joints in polyethylene pipes
  • An automated coating for wind turbine foundations
  • Unique insight into the integrity of steel-to-nickel dissimilar joints
  • Performance of thermally sprayed aluminium at elevated temperature
  • New analytical methods for permeated water vapour, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide

See here for more details of our materials/coatings analysis and characterisation facilities.

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For more information please email: