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Shipbuilding, Maritime and Marine Engineering Services

At TWI, we use our knowledge, experience and expertise to help address the challenges faced by our Industrial Members working in offshore industries to improve the cost effectiveness, performance, and reliability of their assets.

We understand the various needs of industries that work in offshore fields, including shipbuilders, the energy industry, and defence, and we work to find solutions and improvements to their challenges.

Many of the challenges we address are related to the aggressive environments faced by many marine assets, including corrosion, cracking distortion, and fatigue. However, our expertise in this area also covers areas such as coatings, lightweighting, joining, materials selection, lifecycle extension, inspection, mechanical and non-destructive testing, and more.

TWI is also available to assist when things go wrong, investigating failures to help determine the causes and create solutions. As a completely independent company, we are able to offer authoritative and impartial advice, as well as safety assurance and knowhow for your engineering, materials, and joining technologies.


TWI provides advice, consultancy, research and development, and specialist testing facilities to the shipbuilding and marine industries and their supply chains, focusing on improving productivity in manufacturing, reducing the need for reworking, and identifying and remedying problems of corrosion and fatigue.

Backed by decades of research, TWI is recognised worldwide as a leading authority on the analysis and avoidance of failures in marine fabrications. This includes inspection and testing and the analysis of the combined effects of corrosion and fatigue in various electrolytes, including seawater.

Our services include expertise in:


In addition to our engineering services, TWI provides a wide range of additional support to our Industrial Members.

Whether you are working to improve your joining processes, extend the life of your assets or have any other queries related to your work in marine environments, TWI offers enquiry support via email or telephone. We provide advice, information or even just a second opinion, all delivered through direct contact with our specialist engineers.

Alternatively, we can arrange meetings to discuss specific issues or provide a more in-depth technical discussion, including input from multiple engineers and experts with different specialisations. We also engage in annual liaison meetings and can organise video conference calls too.

In addition, TWI provides welding procedure accreditation, consultancy and legal support (when required), along with global training facilities to help ensure your workforce is trained and certified.

TWI’s library service is also available as a knowledge base, with unlimited user access to information resources via the TWI website, including over 6,500 content items, more than 1,000 frequently asked questions, knowledge summaries, best practice guides, an online catalogue, and more.

We also arrange webinars and other events as another route for you to connect, ask questions and gain important knowledge from our experts.

Driving Change

TWI is also influential in helping to promote positive change. As an independent authority, we liaise with classification societies, ship owners, designers and builders to achieve agreement in areas where traditional specifications are inappropriate.

We have been a major contributor to the drafting of National and International Standards, including for the design and assessment of structures to resist fatigue in both steel and aluminium.

In addition, the multi-disciplinary nature of our experts means that we have been able to use joined-up thinking across different areas of expertise to promote innovative new solutions for industry.


FIBRESHIP: Investigating Composites for Shipbuilding

TWI participated in the FIBRESHIP project to investigate the use of composite materials to build large vessels.

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CAE for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair

Enhancing productivity and efficiency in shipbuilding and repair through computer aided engineering (CAE) technologies.

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ShipTest: Robotic Inspection for Ship Hulls

Developing a cost-cutting robotic platform for the inspection of welding defects and corrosion on ships.

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Adding Value

Along with our support, information and training services, TWI can add value by helping our Industrial Member companies move towards increased mechanisation by:

  • Prioritising the activities where most savings can be made
  • Developing a productivity improvement strategy
  • Advising on ways to avoid labour-intensive processes 
  • Recommending and justifying alternative processes

For more information about our engineering consultancy and support services to the shipbuilding and marine industries, please contact us, below.

For more information please email: