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TWI is a world leader in the development and application of non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies (also known as non-destructive evaluation or NDE), handling hundreds of projects of this nature for our members every year.

Our outstanding track record of research and development in the NDT field, our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, and our unparalleled range of facilities and tools place us in a unique position to solve the NDT problems of member companies.


Our NDT services are utilised across all industry sectors from transport and aerospace to oil and gas, power and medical. It includes inspection of both metallic and non-metallic (polymer and composite) components and structures. According to requirements, NDT can be undertaken during production, post-production, in-service and following repair. Our NDT inspection facilities and expertise are also a key component of our failure investigation service and can provide key test data as part of a fitness for service or risk-based inspection procedure.

We specialise in the research and development of new techniques and applications, such as:

  • Polytest phased array system for onsite inspection of polyethylene pipeline joints
  • Railect system for the ultrasonic inspection of aluminothermic weld joints in rails
  • PAUT inspection of wind turbine alurings

Innovative inspection solutions

We are frequently called upon to develop innovative solutions to particular problems. These solutions will typically involve:

  • Technique development (including modelling)
  • Procedure preparation
  • Inspection validation/technical justification
  • Site deployment
  • Training and implementation

NDT techniques

Our NDT services leverage all available NDT technologies, and our team is adept at identifying the optimum solution for any practical industrial application. 

Third party inspection

TWI can provide highly experienced and qualified personnel to undertake third party oversight in all NDT inspection areas. The depth of experience in our team incorporates experts from oil and gas exploration and the aerospace sector, with qualifications up to ISO 9712 NDT Level 3 and ASNT NDT Level III in the full range of methods.

NDT qualification and validation

Inspection qualification is the formal process for gaining confidence that your NDT inspection procedures can meet their objectives and detect the flaws you really need to find, demonstrating to your management and regulators that a component or weld is fit for its purpose.

A qualification assessment encompasses the entire NDT inspection process by examining, both individually and in combination, the elements of equipment, procedure and personnel. TWI can provide advice and information on the whole qualification process, from the most appropriate codes and standards to apply, preparation of the technical justification, manufacture of the qualification trials specimens and provision of suitably qualified personnel for a qualification body.

Total quality inspection

Total quality inspection (TQI) is a holistic approach to improving in-service inspection of critical structures and process plants. Total quality inspection is part of an initiative from TWI, driven by its Industrial Members, to improve the performance of NDT, particularly in the oil, gas and petrochemical sector, where it is seen to lag behind the performance achieved in aerospace and nuclear industries.

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