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The prediction of maximum HAZ hardness in multiple pass C-Mn and low alloy steel weldments - 715/2000


TWI Industrial Member Report Summary 715/2000

D J Abson and J M Nicholas


Where the maximum HAZ hardness may influence the service performance, a considerable saving in time and cost may be effected, if the maximum HAZ hardness can be estimated by calculation.

A previous report examined published equations for predicting the maximum as-formed HAZ hardness in C-Mn and low alloy steels. This report examines the consequences for the coarse-grained HAZ hardness of reheating of one bead by the deposition of a subsequent bead.


  • To develop a model to predict the hardness of the as-formed coarse-grained HAZ after subcritical reheating by a subsequent pass.
  • To test this model experimentally.

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