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Laser cutting and welding of mild and stainless steel sheets up to 3mm thick - Industrial Member Report 435/1991


TWI Industrial Member Report Summary 435/1991

By: Dr H C Man and S T Riches


Laser cutting has been widely accepted as a reliable and flexible process for the cutting of both metallic and non-metallic materials. In some cases, the laser cut parts may need to be welded where an oxide layer (formed during the cutting process) could affect the quality of the weld. This is pertinent to the laser cutting of stainless steel where, with oxygen gas assist, dross is likely to form on the under edge of the cut and the cut surface will be oxidised.

This report is concerned with evaluating laser and TIG welding of laser cut edges (using oxygen gas assist) for 1mm and 3mm thick C-Mn mild steel and stainless steel and to determine the minimum post-cut cleaning required to achieve acceptable weldability.

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