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Improving the Fatigue Performance of Welded Stainless Steels


TWI Industrial Member Report Summary 857/2006

By S J Maddox


A previous project showed that the fatigue performance of welded austenitic stainless steel is similar to that of conventional C-Mn steels, and that higher strength duplex is no better. Thus, ways are needed of improving the fatigue lives of the lower fatigue strength details, notably fillet welds. This report presents the results of an investigation of possible ways, by choice of welding process or the application of post-weld improvement techniques, of improving the fatigue performance of fillet welded stainless steels.


  • To establish methods for achieving improved fatigue resistance from fillet welded joints in austenitic and duplex stainless steels with a target increase of 60% by:
    a) Suitable choice and control of welding process;
    b) Application of a post-weld improvement technique.
  • To produce practical guidance on the application of the techniques and their benefits in real welded stainless steel structures.To quantify the extra benefit achievable from high-strength duplex or Cr-Mn austenitic stainless steel by the use of improvement measures.

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