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Gap Filling in FSW using AdStir: Further Improvement


TWI Industrial Member Report Summary 1037/2013

By Xingguo Wei


Previous trials at TWI have shown that it is not only possible to add material to a corner weld using the stationary shoulder friction stir welding (SSFSW) technique but also to change the form of this additional material. This technique is called 'AdStir'. Further trials have demonstrated the feasibility of making butt welds in flat components. However, it was not possible to effectively weld plates with a gap at the joint line.

Industrial Challenge

The aim of this project was to design, build and assess a new enhanced welding head could effectively weld components with a significant gap between them.

Key Findings

  • A new welding head was designed and built capable of adding a filler wire into the joint interface.
  • Consolidated butt welds were produced in 6mm thickness AA082-T6 and AA5083-H111 with gaps at the joint interfaces of up to 1mm.

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