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Further Fatigue Tests On Fillet Welded Joints Under Simple Variable Amplitude Loading - 182/1982


TWI Industrial Member Report Summary 182/1982

By T R Gurney


Following an earlier investigation, in which fatigue tests were carried out on as-welded longitudinal non-load-carrying fillet welded joints using simple tensile loading sequences, further tests have now been carried out on the same type of specimen. In this later work the influence both of stress relief and of testing under alternating (R = -1) loading have been investigated, again using simple loading sequences. In general the values of Sigma n/N which were obtained were again less than 1.0 (i.e. Miner's rule was unsafe), but a rule proposed on the basis of the earlier work continued to prove reasonably satisfactory.

In addition a few tests have been carried out using multilevel stress sequences. They also showed Miner's rule to be unsafe and the new rule to be better.

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