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Abrasive Wear Resistance of Hardfacing Weld Deposits: Review


Factors Which Affect Abrasive Wear Resistance of Hardfacing Weld Deposits - a Review of the Literature

TWI Industrial Member Report Summary 249/1984

By D N Noble


Published literature has been reviewed relevant to the weld deposition of hardfacingalloys. Following consideration of the different forms of wear that can arise and of wear test methods, attention has concentrated on the abrasive wear resistance of ferrous overlays, especially low alloy steels and high chromium austenitic grades in view of their widespread application.

Welding variables can be expected to have a major influence on the wear resistance, via changes in deposit composition and microstructure. However, little published information was found and a need for further work was identified to relate composition, microstructure and wear resistance with welding conditions. The extent to which service life can be prolonged through appropriate control of welding conditions can then be assessed.

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