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The ClearweldTM process for laser welding of plastics and fabrics - Industrial Member Report 730/2001


TWI Industrial Member Report Summary 730/2001

I A Jones, R Wise and P Hilton


Techniques currently used for welding thermoplastic polymers can be divided into three groups: those in which heat is generated by mechanical movement; those in which heat is conducted to the joint from an external heat source; and those using electromagnetic radiation directly. Laser welding falls into the third group.

The methods for laser welding of plastics fall into two distinct groups defined by the type and, more specifically, the wavelength of laser being used for the process.


  • To source and select suitable absorbers for laser welding using the Clearweld® process and to assess a method of introducing the absorber into the joint region.
  • To establish and evaluate Clearweld® processing methods.
  • To assess the use of the Clearweld® process for a range of material types and industrial applications.

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