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Tensile Weld Tests for Thick Walled Polyethylene Pipe


A Study of the Applicability of the Tensile Weld Test for Thick Walled Polyethylene Pipe

TWI Industrial Member Report Summary 533/1995

M G Murch and M J Troughton


Medium density polyethylene (MDPE) pipes which are widely used for distribution of water, gas and effluents, are commonly joined using the butt fusion (hot plate) process. The most common short term test for assessing the soundness of such welded joints is a tensile weld test such as the one described in the Water Industry Specification (WIS) 4-32-03.

This report describes a study into the suitability of the full thickness tensile weld test for butt fusion welds in pipes of wall thicknesses of 40mm and above. Modifications to the specimen geometry are described which provide improved characterisation of joint soundness.

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