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NDT inspection of a 48'' line


Working as sub-contractors to Cooperheat MQS, Plant Integrity Ltd have carried out a Teletest inspection of a 48" diameter brine line. The photographs show the transducer ring assembled on the pipe just before bends leading in one case into a road crossing and in the other into a bayou crossing. Despite the presence of two bends in each case, Teletest was able to cover the full extent of the crossings. In the case of that under the bayou, this meant 'shooting' more than 26m on pipe submerged in water.

A particular concern to the oil industry is corrosion at supports. This line is clamped to saddles with a neoprene interlayer. Teletest was able to 'shoot' past the supports, the signal being unaffected by them. This meant that corrosion in the support area, either over the saddle or under the clamp could be detected.



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