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A Novel X-Ray Inspection System for Counterfeit Component

Published on 27 March 2014
Counterfeit electronic components are a growing issue to the electronics industry and the safety consequences of their inadvertent use in products for the aero, auto, nuclear, medical, critical plant control and electronics consumer industries cannot be overstated.

To address this problem TWI is managing an EU Framework 7 project called ChipCheck, developing a counterfeit electronic component detection system that will automatically inspect components in their original packaging.

Currently, manufacturers cannot check all components at goods inwards. ChipCheck seeks to address this with the development of a new inspection prototype. A number of non-destructive testing methods are being investigated and developed to establish the best detection method that can be automated. The project has released the world's first training CD on this important subject.

ChipCheck is a collaboration with the following partner organisations: Innospexion APS, Accent Pro 2000 s.r.l, Computerised Information Technology Ltd, Semicon Sp. z o. o., Kentro Erevnas Technologias Kai Anaptyxis Thessalias, Surface Mount and Related Technologies Ltd, Elektronikas un datorzinatnu instituts. The project is supported by the European Community's 7th Framework Programme managed by REA-Research Executive Agency.

For further information read about ChipCheck or contact us.

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