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Improved brazing technique in push for enhanced tool endurance


Joining Forces Wales

Examples of Breton International cone point form-dressing tools
Examples of Breton International cone point form-dressing tools

Joining Forces Wales has helped Breton International Ltd stay ahead of the competition by finding a cost-effective way of increasing the endurance of one of the company's best-selling products.

The Llandudno-based company manufactures a range of diamond-based engineering tools that includes precision grinding wheel dressing tools, cutting tools, and gauge tools for measuring in-process grinding operations. As well as its standard products, Breton produces customer-specific specials.

Operating in the fiercely competitive diamond tool industry, Breton is a successful, independent company with strong global sales built on the firm's reputation for high quality, good value and rapid turn-round.

Breton wanted to introduce, as quickly as possible, an enhanced endurance version of one of its cone point form-dressing tools. This type of tool is typically used within precision machining operations in the aerospace and automotive industries.

To minimise time-to-market it was decided to augment the company's own R&D capability: a Joining Forces Wales Product and Process Review was completed, followed by a Feasibility Study

In use, extreme forces are applied to the tool's single, conical diamond. Joining Forces Wales funded development work involved finding an active metal braze which gave the strongest and most reliable joint between the diamond and its steel holder. Work also involved optimising brazing procedures, including joint design.

Proving trials organised by Breton demonstrated that the new braze alloy and improved brazing technique have achieved the desired increase in tool endurance.

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