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Coaxial Wire Additive Manufacturing Processes and In-Line Monitoring Tools

Project Code: 34793

Start date and planned duration: January 2022, 36 months


  • Develop an enhanced capability and flexibility for meter-scale additive manufacturing with coaxial-wire directed energy deposition (DED) technology
  • Produce benchmarking data and comparison between electron beam (EB)- and laser beam (LB)-DED technology and resultant materials
  • Validate in-line process monitoring tools for process control and quality assurance
  • Demonstration of advantages and technology potential

Project Outline

Additive manufacturing (AM) can produce parts by adding material layer-upon-layer, this is enabled with assistance of CAD/CAM. AM is often renowned for improving material utilisation, and manufacturing speeds for complex components.

  • DED technologies are unable to produce features and geometries as complex as powder bed fusion (PBF), but are generally much faster at adding material and can produce parts much larger >1000cm3. Additionally DED technologies can be used for a wider range of applications including coatings, repair, hybrid/feature addition, and large-scale near-net shape AM
  • Wire deposition offers a number of potential advantages over powder deposition
  • Higher productivity (5-20x faster deposition rates)
  • Cheaper feedstock material (£15/kg cf £60/kg for tool steel)
  • High material utilisation (99% vs 85%), and completely free from powder inflicted porosity (though still susceptible to other causes of porosity)
  • One of the key barriers to uptake in some of these sectors is quality assurance of components produced by AM

Industry Sectors

-      Aerospace

-      Construction & Engineering

-      Oil & Gas

-      Power 

-      Equipment, Consumables & Materials

-      Surface Transport

 Benefits to Industry

  • Offering state-of-the-art innovative services to its Industrial Members
  • Enhance staff knowledge & expertise
  • Knowledge of performance testing and its results can also be used to generate future business, from customers interested in surface modification and hard-facing coatings for high-value components
  • Know-how from this work can be further developed from advanced rotatory coating applications, to repair and freeform AM
  • Develop DED AM beyond the current state-of-the-art and increase future member business in AM, particularly in the production and/or repair of high value components
  • Knowledge gained will inform members’ decisions around AM and process selection. TWI will continue to grow its portfolio of AM and expertise, enabling ideal selection specific member manufacturing challenges
  • Machine access, technology transfer leading to more rapid qualification of AM parts.

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