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Hydrogen Laboratory

Hydrogen Laboratory
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In TWI's hydrogen laboratories, we conduct experiments to understand the impact of gaseous hydrogen on the mechanical properties of various materials.

Our testing capabilities encompass both static and dynamic assessments in gaseous hydrogen, such as:


  • Slow strain rate tensile testing from -40°C to 80°C in gaseous hydrogen at up to 450 bar
  • Fatigue endurance and fatigue crack growth rate testing at up to 450 bar
  • Fracture toughness testing of single edge notched bend (SENB) specimens at up to 450 Bar, with capabilities to perform single edge notched tension (SENT) tests in development
  • Threshold stress intensity factor tests in hydrogen (i.e. KIH fracture toughness testing) at a range of pressures and temperatures
  • Thermal hydrogen pre-charging of specimens up to 35mm diameter at temperatures up to 530°C at 100 Bar

Our environmental testing laboratories are supported by fully-equipped sample preparation and characterisation facilities, featuring:


  • Permeation testing of mixed gases through non-metallic materials at up to 650 Bar and 250°C
  • Cryogenic storage of specimens prior to analysis, to minimise hydrogen losses
  • Advanced microscopy facilities for post-test fractographic analysis, including scanning electron microscopes with energy and wave-dispersive spectroscopy
  • Diffusible and residual hydrogen concentration measurements

We provide a diverse range of testing solutions tailored to your requirements, from modelling hydrogen permeation through different materials and component geometries to offering specialised testing services.

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High-pressure hydrogen testing facility

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