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Guided Wave Technology

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TWI has been the pioneer of long-range guided wave technology, also known as long-range ultrasonic testing, since the mid-1990s.  This research was stimulated by the need of the oil and petrochemical industries for a method to detect corrosion under insulation in pipework and subsequently led to creation of a wholly owned subsidiary Plant Integrity Ltd and the development of the first commercial guided wave pipe inspection system, Teletest.

Guided wave technology is now widely accepted and used to inspect pipes in inaccessible areas such as road and river crossings, power plant tubing, risers, offshore topside pipework, jetty lines and refinery pipework.

The success of Teletest meant that the system was bought as a business by Eddyfi Technologies in October 2017. TWI and Plant Integrity continues its work in the field with Members and customers on collaborative and industrially sponsored projects.

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