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Inspection and Materials Testing Services

Our facilities and systems span the full range of methods for assessing the properties and structural integrity of materials and products; both to (International/National) standards, and bespoke to customer requirements. Destructive testing facilities include fracture, fatigue, corrosion, environmental testing; and combinations of these methods. This is supported by a range of materials analysis and characterisation equipment.

Details of the equipment and systems available can be found via the links below, full list here.

Materials and coatings analysis

Analysis and characterisation  – including optical, SEM microscopy and x-ray diffractometric systems.


Standard and bespoke testing

Aggressive environment testing – fracture and fatigue testing in sour (H2S), sweet (CO2) and other corrosive environments; at a range of temperatures and pressures.

Corrosion testing  – covering aqueous, small scale testing

Fracture and mechanical testing

Fatigue testing

Hydrogen testing

Residual stress measurement

Welded polymer testing


Full-scale testing facilities

 Full scale chain test-rig

Pressure pit 

Resonance testing


Non-destructive testing and condition monitoring systems

NDT testing

Condition monitoring


For more information, please email


For more information please email: