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TWI Innovation Network

Discover ORBIT - the new platform from TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) - register today and start exploring new opportunities!

ORBIT is your online portal for collaborative project and funding opportunities, making new contacts and relationship building, the latest events and webinars, and more!  Building on TWIIN's unique innovation ecosystem, ORBIT has been created to bring the international engineering technologies community together online through collaborative research and development (R&D) and public/grant funding opportunities, and interactive networking for business development and knowledge exchange.  Discover ORBIT now!

The TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) nurtures and coordinates international partnerships - enabling engineering and technological advances in specialist areas, across a range of industry sectors in response to commercial needs - as well as helping to train and up-skill the next generation of industry experts and personnel.



TWIIN encompasses the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC), Innovation Centres, Technology Acceleration Programmes (TAPs), and Private Technology Innovation Partnerships (PTIPs), as well as offering Technology Innovation Management, Innovation Consultancy Services, a Subscription scheme for innovation-focused companies and organisations to become TWIIN Members, and training courses on bidding for public funding. TWIIN partners benefit from an international, innovation-based ecosystem which serves to open up new opportunities for business growth and technological acceleration.

 About TWI

TWI is one of the world's largest, independent, membership-based research and technology organisations (RTOs), established in Cambridge, UK in 1946. It has sites globally in Greece and Germany, South East Asia including TWI Global Technology Centre (TWI GTC) in Singapore, India, the Middle East, Central Asia and the USA.  Specialist consultants, engineers, scientists, researchers and technicians deliver engineering, materials and manufacturing projects, solutions and services that meet the needs of TWI Industrial Member companies and wider industry.


Through TWIIN, TWI has a large portfolio of innovation activities including:

  • Innovation Centres - industrial research partnerships between TWI and academia

  • Technology Acceleration Programmes (TAPs) - collaboration with SMEs and TWI Industrial Members to move new concepts through to commercialisation

  • Private Technology Partnerships (PTIPs) - long-term relationships with technology organisations to develop novel solutions that address industrial challenges

  • A Membership subscription scheme for companies and organisations - providing access to new project and partnership opportunities, industrially focused events, technology and business acceleration, and more

  • A suite of public funding training courses for project leaders and managers to hone their skills and maximise results from collaborative bidding

  • Innovation Consultancy Services offering business planning, technology mapping, innovation strategy development, market exploitation and more

TWIIN's dedicated Technology Innovation Management team supports TWI technical sections, Innovation Centres, and TWI Industrial and TWIIN Member companies/organisations to secure public funding for engineering research and innovation. Focus areas include digital twin, artificial intelligence (AI), Industry 4.0, additive and digital manufacturing, advanced inspection and monitoring, and autonomous robotic systems.






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