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Aggressive Environment Testing

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If your business operates in environments in which very high or low temperatures or pressures are a factor, or involves working with hazardous substances, our dedicated environmental testing facility can give you confidence in your components.

We test the performance of materials and joints in aggressive environments, measuring the effect of the conditions on a part's mechanical properties or flaw tolerance.

Bespoke Testing in Extreme Environments

Forming a significant part of our 6000m2 of workshop and laboratory space, our high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) testing facility enables mechanical tests to be carried out on components in environments that replicate the service conditions of applications in sectors including oil and gas, aerospace and nuclear.

Typical examples of test types include the following:

  • Fatigue crack growth, tensile and fracture tests in environments with pressures up to 450 bar, at temperatures between -50°C and +80°C
  • Exposure to temperatures up to 300°C, at pressures up to 1400 bar
  • Corrosion testing in oxygen and chlorine at up to 80°C
  • Permeation testing at temperatures up to 250°C and pressures up to 650 bar
  • Full-scale sour service fatigue testing

Visit our environmental testing of polymers and non-metallic materials page for information on our aggressive environment testing services for non-metallics.

Large, Specialised Testing Rigs

To meet the needs of our Industrial Members, TWI has constructed several bespoke testing facilities that mean we are uniquely placed to carry out highly specialised tests that can be precisely tailored to your requirements:

Underpinned by 70 Years of Industrial Experience

Many companies offer testing services, but we go far beyond simply carrying out tests. We work closely with our Members to interpret results and deliver genuine insight that can be easily translated to operational decisions, providing actionable remedial advice that directly impacts the bottom line.

Find Out More

The following case studies and Industrial Members' report provide some interesting examples of projects involving environmental testing:

For more information please email: