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‘The Essential Tool for Electron Beam Welding and Processing’

BeamAssure is an advanced quality assurance (QA) tool which independently measures and quantifies electron beams, to aid manufacturing, research or maintenance planning.

Offering operators unrivalled confidence in the performance of an electron beam system, BeamAssure provides confidence in the integrity of your product, making the challenge of measuring and calibrating powerful electron beams simple.

BeamAssure captures crucial data and reveals where improvements can be made in real time, giving you assurance of your beam’s consistency, even after thousands of welds.

Compatible with almost every configuration of electron beam chamber, BeamAssure brings an unprecedented level of quality assurance to electron beam processing.

The Challenge of Electron Beam Welding

Electron beam welding is used in a range of different industries, including aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics, medical, oil and gas and power.

All of these industries include high value components, meaning that any rework can be costly because, once the welding begins, it is too late to intervene. As a result of this, it is important to ensure the beam will perform as expected and avoid expensive reworking or the scrapping of parts.

While parts for assets such as aero-engines, nuclear reactors or submarines can be expensive, electron beam quality is also important for lower cost, high production parts too.

High productivity electron beam welding requires the beam to be verified following maintenance, which can occur every 48 hours, or when the filament is changed. This requalification creates a downtime of at least 30 minutes each time, taking the machine out of production for the duration.

BeamAssure solves both of these challenges by providing a means for verifying production readiness.

About BeamAssure

BeamAssure is a system of hardware and software that measures and presents a visual representation of the key characteristics of an electron beam system, ensuring that your electron beam welding processes are consistent – whether used on high value or high productivity production.

BeamAssure can either be integrated into an existing welding machine chamber and CNC/PLC or supplied as a portable option. Users can incorporate the system into a fully-automated production cycle or use it manually, as required.

Developed from decades of electron beam knowledge and development by TWI experts, BeamAssure displays results in real time, generating results that can be exported for analysis in a range of formats. 

An easy-to-read traffic-light decision-making tool makes BeamAssure easy to use to determine beam focus settings without relying on operator or machine perception.

Capable of measuring low and high power beams as well as delivering long-term process quality assurance data without the need for thermal management or active cooling, BeamAssure will not intrude in your welding processes.

The durable and reliable system is already in use for production and research on three continents and has been instrumental in serial aero engine production since 2011.

With variants for welding, additive manufacturing and processing, BeamAssure is compatible with all welding machines (up to and in excess of 150kV), and capable of analysing beams at powers up to 100 kW.


“ BeamAssure has resulted in a step change in our understanding of electron beam welding”

- Prime UK OEM, 2016


Save time and costs for your electron beam operations with BeamAssure – eliminating set-up errors, calibrate, analyse and optimise your beam parameters and monitor for wear and foresee failures before they occur.

BeamAssure users can take advantage of installation, training and a warranty courtesy of TWI’s globally trusted experts.

Why leave your beam quality to chance, when BeamAssure can make sure your operations are completed optimally time after time?

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More Information

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Download our latest flyer to learn about BeamAssure technology and its groundbreaking features. Reach out for a detailed discussion on how BeamAssure can transform your project.

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