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Electron Beam Processing – EB Welding and Technology Experts

TWI is active in the development of new capabilities as well as the deployment of established electron beam (EB) processing and technology at a range of power levels, from high power to low power.

TWI has been active and innovative in EB technology research and development since the 1960s, we are responsive to industry needs and provide consultancy services to all industry sectors, including aerospace, automotive, defence, electronics packaging, medical, oil and gas, power, space  and engineering and fabrication.

Support for industry includes advice on component design, process selection and quality issues, troubleshooting, feasibility and pre-production trials, application, and prototype equipment development.


TWI focuses on the following five main themes of expertise:


TWI has various electron beam machines with a range of accelerating voltage and power (from 60kV, 4kW up to 175kV, 100kW) and vacuum chamber sizes (from less than 1m3 up to more than 36m3). This enables processing of both small and large components with the capability of welding in excess of 200mm steel sections.

Track record

TWI has a strong track record in the development of EB processing, including:

  • 1960's – Early 30kV EBW machine at TWI
  • 1970's – High power electron guns (75kW)
  • 1980's – Charged particle collection innovation and patent
  • 1990’s – Reduced Pressure EB
  • 2000's – EB Surfi-Sculpt® - first demonstration
  • 2010’s – Novel radio-frequency-excited plasma electron beam source

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