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Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing

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In recent years additive manufacture has become a hot topic for many wishing to reduce costs and improve component productivity, versatility and performance.

TWI is active in support of equipment builders and users of both powder-bed and wire-fed systems. TWI can assist in addressing joining challenges where additive manufactured components are to become part of a high integrity structure.


  • Wire-fed processing (W-EBAM)
  • Equipment optimisation and quality assurance (QA) including BeamAssure™
  • Wire-fed expertise in many materials
  • Welding and brazing of additive parts
  • Modelling and practice to mitigate stress and distortion during build
  • Surface finish improvement methods
  • Non-destructive inspection
  • Techno-economic assessments


  • Greater design freedom
  • Application possible using welding equipment in some cases

Key Application Fields

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