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TWI’s Tipper Group Expands to Take a More Diverse Focus

Wed, 20 February, 2019

Created in 2016, TWI’s Tipper Group has done great work over the past three years to support and encourage female talent in the scientific disciplines, but that is set to change as the group expands its focus to a wider reach.

Having been invited onto the Royal Academy of Engineering’s diversity and inclusion progression framework implementation steering group, The Tipper Group decided now was the perfect time to expand their focus from supporting women to aiding with a wider range of diversity issues. This decision followed talks around TWI, which highlighted the fact that many of the concerns facing women were also applicable to other groups.

Rather than splitting into sub-sections, the newly-expanded Tipper Group decided to bring everybody together under one umbrella in order to create and promote an inclusive culture that inspires, attracts, recruits and supports career development of people irrespective of gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, beliefs, (dis)abilities, and socio-economic background.

This new mission includes improving employee experience and employer perception in an environment that understands and promotes diversity and inclusion at all levels.  The Tipper Group, the National Structural Integrity Research Centre, The Welding Institute and TWI itself are all working towards achieving these goals.

The objectives of The Tipper Group include creating an awareness of unconscious bias, developing confidence, supporting career progress and peer-to-peer learning, supporting and improving work / life balance, mentoring, peer support, and seeking quotas in shortlists for senior roles. These objectives will be supported by lunchtime events and a strong social media presence.

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