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Nanosecond pulsed laser expands opportunities for project work

19 October 2017

A G4 100W nanosecond pulsed fibre laser supplied by SPI Lasers has brought new opportunities for TWI Industrial Members to pursue novel project work.

The laser, which is capable of marking, engraving, cutting and surface engineering applications as well as nanosecond welding, adds to TWI’s existing portfolio of joining processes and offers benefits to members looking to enhance their existing manufacturing operations or innovate with new technology.

While the laser can be used for a range of industrial applications, including micro electronics, medical devices and batteries, it has already been used to evaluate and develop nanosecond pulsed welding processes to enhance technical knowledge that can be shared with industry. 

TWI’s Lasers Section Manager, Jon Blackburn noted:

‘The nanosecond pulsed laser has already demonstrated the capability of meeting our Members’ needs across a broad range of applications.’

Meanwhile, Jack Gabzdyl of TWI Member company SPI stated:

‘Access to TWI’s joining expertise will greatly enhance SPI’s ability to develop new laser sources to tackle the challenging joining requirements of today’s industrial applications.’

TWI has developed experience in the development and application of laser materials processes for metals and non-metals since the mid-1960s, with activities supported by state-of-the-art laboratories, which include the widest range of industrial laser systems and laser sources in the UK. You can find out more about TWI's lasers capabilities here.

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