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CSWIP Welding Inspection Online Live Training Courses in Central Asia

As an alternative to the conventional method of classroom-based and 'in-person' training, the online 'live' eLearning solution enables you to attend courses from anywhere in the world.  All you need is a laptop and a stable internet line.

The CSWIP Welding Inspector Online Live course is delivered as the in-class course in an interactive environment but via a video conferencing platform.

The course content remains the same as the classroom-based course and the student will be able to attend the theory/practical training sessions, delivered by TWI Training Lecturers, via Zoom, WebEx or similar platforms. 

In all cases, the examination will take place, in the usual way at a TWI Training Centre.

The online welding inspecion courses available are:


A glance at CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector Online Live course

What are the alternatives?

In addition to the online live courses, we deliver scheduled classroom-based training.  Another training solution is eLearning/Blended Learning courses.

For more infomation please email: