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TWI Joins ESA Technology Broker Network

Wed, 24 April, 2024

TWI has signed an agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA) to work as the ESA Technology Broker in the UK, starting May 2024. This contract, part of the ESA ScaleUp programme, underscores TWI’s commitment to driving innovation and fostering collaboration both within the space industry and between space and non-space sectors.

The overall programme of work is split into two main parts:

  1. Technology Brokerage: This part of the work will see TWI help to support and promote activities between space and non-space entities, including match-making between interested organisations.
  2. Prepare for Space: This technology transfer programme will allow non-space companies to apply for business and technical support to lower the barrier of entry to the space industry.

The aim of the Technology Broker aspect of this work will focus on building an ecosystem that fuels technical innovation and mutual growth between terrestrial and space industries to create a collaborative environment that delivers tangible outcomes. These collaborative, commercial activities will create a bridge between different industry sectors to share knowledge and information and stimulate non-space companies to enter the space industry as well as leveraging space technologies for terrestrial applications.

‘Prepare for Space’ has been created to support UK companies in finding commercial opportunities in the space industry by providing dedicated training in business case development, supply chain understanding and to source funding for projects. This aspect of the project will also facilitate on-boarding for non-space companies into ESA programmes, providing information and training on ESA opportunities, technology transfer and calls.

The overall project aims to support the development of stronger proposals and business cases to reduce the time taken to reach contracts and commercial viability as well as ensuring technical robustness, programmatic coherence, improved start-up, SME engagement, return on investment, and a stronger overall space industrial ecosystem.

We are delighted to have created this working bond with ESA and look forward to bringing you more updates on this work as it progresses across the next few years.

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