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Trending Topics

In light of our close working relationship with industry and government, TWI has highlighted a number of trending topics as key areas of focus, innovation and development.

These topics are derived from the UK Industrial Strategy. These priorities will not only boost productivity but also address global challenges and improve people’s lives. The trending topics that TWI will focus on include:


The UK Government’s 4 Grand Challenges, aim to provide a positive societal, economic and environmental impact on industry as a whole.

Artificial Intelligence and Data

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are already transforming a number of different sectors while being industries in their own right. Deploying large datasets to help manage complex tasks, these technologies are set to create thousands of jobs while also driving economic growth.

Clean Growth

The shift towards low carbon technologies, systems and services is deemed to be one of the greatest industrial opportunities of our time. It is estimated that the UK’s clean economy could grow at four times the rate of GDP, with whole new industries being created while existing industries are transformed. The UK is at the forefront of clean growth and determined to continue this trend towards the clean innovations, goods and services of the future.

Future of Mobility

As we enter a time of change in how people, goods and services are transported there has been a huge growth in engineering, technology and business innovation. Reducing carbon emissions and other pollutants for the road and rail network is just one aspect of this change. There are also plans to reduce congestion through higher-density use of road space through the use of automated vehicles as industry moves to improve customer experience and drive efficiency to enable people to move around more freely.

It is believed that these subjects will unite government and industry to make a real difference to people’s lives.

Ageing Society

As people are living longer there is now a need to address the needs of an ageing society. This includes creating new technologies, services and products for housing, care and savings products for retirement. Helping older citizens lead independent lives while still contributing to society should help ensure that we create an economy that works for everyone, irrespective of age.


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