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Brazing and Diffusion Bonding Services

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TWI offers a host of services to its Members in both brazing and diffusion bonding.

We take pride in offering a full and rounded solution to our Members, and take great care to ensure that we recommend the techniques that best suit your circumstances, paying particular attention to:

  • Process selection
  • Metallurgy
  • Component design
  • Testing

Our advice is always impartial, because we are not allied to the suppliers of any particular suppliers of brazing equipment or consumables.

TWI's multi-disciplinary team has several decades of experience in both brazing and diffusion bonding.

Brazing types covered include torch brazing, vacuum brazing, furnace brazing and induction brazing.

Diffusion bonding types include vacuum, controlled atmosphere, resistance and induction heating, and transient liquid phase diffusion bonding (diffusion brazing).

Both brazing and diffusion bonding offer numerous benefits to a wide range of industry sectors and applications, particularly where there is a need to join dissimilar materials.

The main advantage of these techniques is that, unlike welding, they are not 'fusion' processes – the parent materials to be joined do not need to be melted. This makes brazing and diffusion bonding ideal for joining metals and ceramics in similar and dissimilar combinations.

Other advantages include:

  • Re-working
  • Near-parent properties
  • Minimal shape change to parts
  • No post-finishing

For more information, please email

For more information please email: