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Contract Welding Services

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Where small batch numbers are required, the investment in friction welding equipment may be uneconomic, even if the process is the technically preferred option. Some job shops, although capable of doing the work, may prefer only to deal with larger batches. In such cases, TWI has responded by undertaking prototype and small scale production in its own laboratories, and using its own staff.

Operational matters such as delivery schedules, quality assurance and other details can be agreed in advance to ensure all aspects of the work meet the standards expected by the client and his customer. TWI’s equipment in the past has been used to fabricate many components, and has led to companies investing in their own equipment as their confidence in the process has grown.

The Friction and Forge Process group has a number of highly experienced engineers and technicians, who together have amassed well over a hundred years of combined friction welding experience. These experts are qualified in many relevant disciplines, including mechanical engineering, metallurgy & materials engineering, production engineering etc., and several have benefited from significant industrial experience prior to joining TWI.

Some have trained through traditional academic routes, others through vocational routes, and some through both! Many are professionally qualified through the UK Engineering Council, and we can also boast of several colleagues who are internationally recognised experts in their specialist fields.

This healthy and diverse mixture of experience is available to TWI’s Industrial Members. No other organisation can offer the volume of expertise in friction welding available through TWI.

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