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There are frequent occasions when companies experience difficulties in using newer and less familiar technologies, for a variety of reasons. These may be lack of experience with the process or equipment, failures of equipment, unexpected changes in customer requirements and many other reasons. Alternatively, a desire to investigate a new process may be cancelled or delayed due to the perceived start-up costs. Whatever the reason, TWI can help in a number of ways, as described below.

Difficult problems will occasionally arise in all production processes, resulting in frustration, delays, loss of income or even termination of contracts if a solution cannot be found quickly. Again, TWI is here to help, and this help can be delivered in several ways, for example by a site visit, or in many cases by phone calls and e-mails, video conferences etc.

Consultancy visits can last as long as needed, from one day to as long as it takes to rectify the problem. TWI staff have in the past spent extended periods in client’s premises, playing an active role in the long term development of the product and/or process, although most problems can be dealt with initially in no more than a few days, often less. TWI can also help with technical negotiations with others in the supply chain who may be affected by the problem.

TWI’s approach is designed to be flexible, as there are no standard solutions to non-standard situations. We recognise the urgency attached to these circumstances, and will endeavour to respond in the shortest possible time. Needless to say, once the problem has been resolved, TWI’s support will continue for as long as it is needed.

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