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Benefits and Advantages

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The process advantages result from the fact that the FSW process takes place in the solid phase below the melting point of the materials to be joined. The benefits include the ability to join materials that are difficult to fusion weld, for example, 2XXX and 7XXX aluminium alloys, magnesium and copper. Friction stir welding can use purpose-designed equipment or modified existing machine tool technology. The process is also suitable for automation and is adaptable for robot use.

Other advantages are as follows:

  • Low distortion and shrinkage, even in long welds
  • Excellent mechanical properties in fatigue, tensile and bend tests
  • No arc or fumes
  • No porosity
  • No spatter
  • Can operate in all positions
  • Energy efficient
  • One tool can typically be used for up to 1000m of weld length in 6XXX series aluminium alloys
  • No filler wire required
  • No gas shielding for welding aluminium
  • Some tolerance to imperfect weld preparations - thin oxide layers can be accepted
  • No grinding, brushing or pickling required in mass production
  • Can weld aluminium and copper of >75mm thickness in one pass.

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