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Medical Sector - Orthopaedics

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TWI has an ideal fit with the orthopaedics sector because its cross-sector expertise lies within the areas of manipulating the properties of metals, ceramics and polymers to increase wear resistance and reduce the chances of failure. The drive of this industry sector is towards improving material properties and processes to give our Members' products a technical and economic advantage.

TWI draws on key developments in other industry sectors, for example aerospace and automotive, in order to bring innovation to the orthopaedics sector.

Key technologies for this sector include:

  • Joining of dissimilar materials

  • Surface treatments of metals and polymers using power beams

  • Wear and corrosion resistant materials/coatings

  • Cold spray metals onto metals, ceramics and polymers

  • Plasma spraying

  • Laser direct metal deposition(LDMD)

  • Composite materials and joining

  • Electronics and sensor technology

  • Prototype design and development

  • Failure analysis.

For more information, please email

For more information please email: