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Medical Diagnostic Equipment

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TWI is able to offer the diagnostics sector an ideal combination of innovation and high technology that can significantly reduce time to market. By supplying a blend of expertise in metals, polymers, ceramics, electronics packaging and prototype fabrication, TWI represents a total resource.

Diagnostic devices are often constructed using multiple materials. Thinking about potential manufacturing challenges of multi-material joining early in the product development process will save time and avoids conflicts being discovered late in the process.

TWI is able to apply multiple technologies to solving materials joining issues in small devices. We are also able to draw on most of the available techniques from joining polymers, composites and ceramics. Whether it is laser, ultrasonic welding or some other joining technique that is needed, we have it available in the lab, ready to go.

TWI can also offer:

  • Design (for manufacture and validation)
  • Materials selection
  • Packaging technologies
  • Integration/comparison of technological solutions
  • Environmental legislation advice
  • Supply chain networking
  • Joining and coatings
  • Miniaturisation
  • Technologies for portable power and wireless telemetry
  • Electronics and sensor packaging
  • Inspection processes
  • Failure analysis

For more information, please contact us, below.

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