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Drug Delivery Device Development, Testing and Solutions

TWI has experience in the development of drug delivery devices, offering effective joining solutions as well as testing of devices to ensure they are safe and meet the requirements of our Industrial Members.

Drug delivery systems are an important aspect of pharmaceuticals, ensuring that drugs are delivered safely into the body to achieve the desired therapeutic effect. While this involves a focus on chemical drug formulation, it can also be dependent on effective medical delivery methods.

Medical devices are of importance to both pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers. Product development needs to take account of safety and other standards in order to pass clinical trials and reach the market. This includes wearable devices, such as wearable injectors, prefilled syringes and combination products.

For drug developers and manufacturers this product development can extend beyond the drug and devices themselves and to the primary packaging to take account of human factors around storage and transportation.

TWI’s previous work with drug delivery solutions has seen us work with some of the biggest names in the medical industry. Our past projects have included stress and optical analysis of welds for inhaler devices, ultrasonic welding of inhalers, shear testing of nebuliser wafers, laser welding of polymer joints in inhalers, and joining of plastic foils in inhalers.

The key technologies for this sector include:

  • Joining of dissimilar materials
  • Wear resistant materials/coatings
  • Additive manufacture
  • Composite materials and joining
  • Electronics and sensor technology
  • Prototype design and development
  • Failure analysis

Our multi-industry expertise has provided TWI with capabilities that can cross industry sectors and various technology based systems, while our impartial, independent stance means that we can provide you with the best solution for your challenges.

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