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Fatigue Testing of Materials in a Corrosive Environment

Fatigue testing of materials in a corrosive environment
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TWI has specialist corrosion fatigue testing facilities which allow tests to be carried out in sour (H2S), sweet (CO2) and other corrosive environments.    

Industrial Members benefit from our:

Generating real-world results

Pitting, dissolution and deposits of corrosion product can all affect fatigue performance of materials and components when they are subjected to a corrosive environment. The environment can either enhance or degrade fatigue performance and the effect is very difficult to predict: testing in the relevant environment is the only reliable way to establish the effect on fatigue performance.

Knowledge of the effect of a corrosive environment on the fatigue strength of structures is important for engineers in many industries, particularly the oil and gas, nuclear and chemical sectors.

Predicting the effect of corrosion

Data from tests we conduct provide designers and engineers with additional assurance of fatigue integrity before materials or components are exposed to cyclic loading in corrosive environments.

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For more information please email: