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Bespoke Mechanical Testing Services

TWI is a world leader in developing tailor-made mechanical testing designs and methodologies. Our expertise enables us to support consultancy and research projects for our Members.

We have the unique capability to combine mechanical and environmental test methods. TWI offers an extensive range of mechanical testing services including state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in a wide range of materials. This allows us to recreate the kind of conditions components will be exposed to when in service.

We build custom mechanical testing facilities that can accommodate myriad combinations of component geometry, loading conditions, environmental conditions and failure parameters.

All tests carried out at TWI are conducted by experienced engineers, adept at working with different equipment types and drawing meaningful analyses from the generated data.

Bespoke mechanical tests have the potential to benefit a number of industries reliant on understanding material and mechanical properties. Much of our recent work in this area has been concerned with pressure equipment used by the oil and gas, power and petrochemical process sectors. We have also researched the fatigue performance of high-strength steel mooring chains used on floating offshore structures, including wind turbines. These tests are carried out in seawater to simulate the typical corrosion conditions and cyclic loading experienced offshore.

TWI can carry out a variety of mechanical tests which include tensile testing (tension), shear testing, charpy testing and a wide range of other bespoke and standard tests.

TWI Services Include:

  • High-pressure hydrogen testing facilities
  • Small, medium and large-scale testing in H2S (equipment design, build and operation for static and dynamic testing in sour and sweet conditions)
  • Facilities to supply NDT, mechanical and corrosion testing to international acceptance standards
  • Rapid decompression testing
  • Fluid compatibility testing

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