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Advanced EB Equipment and QA Solutions

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Underpinning our welding and material processing capabilities, TWI has a broad electron beam equipment understanding. This enables the delivery of advanced sub-systems and improvements to, and optimisation of, existing/legacy facilities.

Services include gun and optics design, deflection control and provision of quality assurance tools for welding and additive manufacture.


  • Finite element analysis (FEA) of beam generation, transmission, manipulation & qualities at the work piece
  • FEA simulations accounting for space charge, thermal velocity, bias, brightness, size and intensity of spot
  • Design, prototype, testing & supply
  • Magnetic properties knowledge
  • Vacuum systems know-how
  • Radio frequency (RF) excitation specialist knowledge
  • Thermionic and plasma cathode physics
  • Theory, modelling and practice
  • Monitoring and calibration know-how

Applications and benefits:

  • Welding & additive manufacture
  • Design of advanced systems
  • Optimisation of existing equipment to meet new challenges

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