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BeamAssure™ - Technical Specification

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  • High power capability, for use with 60kV to 150kV accelerating potential Electron Beam (EB) machines
  • No thermal management or active cooling required
  • Clearly defined measurements and graphical display of beam quality:

- Beam current
- Beam asymmetry
- Beam profile
- Beam focus
- Beam diameter

  • Association of part/serial number with data record via integrated bar code reader (or similar to complement end-user operations)
  • May be integrated into the welding machine chamber and HMI PC (may also be supplied in a portable configuration or with a lower level of integration to meet end-user needs)
  • Twin slit probe head with integrated Faraday cup
  • Includes a beam sink capable of withstanding welding power for extended periods
  • Mounting system for fitting probe head into vacuum chamber
  • Data acquisition system based around the existing machines HMI PC or provided as a rack mounted industrial PC, minimum 17" monitor screen and preloaded software tools, enabling data capture and analysis
  • Data export in a range of formats possible: Excel, CSV and Text
  • Cabling connecting the probe head, both inside and outside the vacuum chamber and to the existing machine control hardware/HMI PC

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