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BeamAssure™ - Features and Benefits

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  • Simple mode of operation. Simple to understand outputs
  • Probing is possible at full welding power up to 40kW (higher powers possible - please contact TWI to discuss)
  • Addressing production and research needs
  • Supported by 10 years of research and development
  • Proven endurance after 2 years and 30,000 welds in series aerospace production
  • Contributing towards elimination of high value rework
  • Non-intrusive or disruptive to the process or production
  • Supporting weld penetration and shape consistency
  • May be integrated with in-house quality assurance systems
  • Electron Beam (EB) machine function and operator error checking
  • Production monitoring and/or research analysis functions
  • Real-time instantaneous results and measurements
  • Suitable for EB welding, additive layer manufacturing and other EB processing systems
  • Beam data and results analysis service and support available from the TWI team
  • Beam probed and data captured in <1 minute
  • Viable for use as a go/no-go decision making tool
  • Evaluation of machine to machine variability issues
  • Engineered and supported by TWI

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