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Aggressive Environments (Trevor Gooch) Laboratory

The Aggressive Environments Laboratory provides fracture toughness, tensile and pressure testing under aggressive environment conditions, including CO2 (Sweet), H2S (Sour), high temperature corrosion and toxic gas conditions at a range of strain rates and temperatures. It also offers permeation testing for different materials. In addition, this laboratory provides corrosion testing, both in accordance with industry codes and standards and using in-house designed and built bespoke testing beyond the scope and limitations of existing industry codes and standards. As well as producing test data, this lab can offer services for the interpretation of results. This laboratory can also undertake failure investigation and analysis of corroded materials, plus the simulation of corrosion mechanisms including accelerated testing and advice regarding design and implementation of corrosion mitigating measures.

The work completed here allows industry to compare and characterise the impact of these conditions on different materials to assess pressure performance, static strength and creep properties. These results allow for an assessment of material validation and integrity. The work here also supports TWI’s historical expertise and reputation for large-scale failure investigation.

Equipment factsheets

Enhanced high-pressure, high-temperature sour testing facility

Full-scale sour testing rig

Permeation testing facility

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