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New equipment secured for Environmental Testing of Materials

Wed, 30 January, 2019

TWI has purchased a dynamic climate chamber for the environmental testing of materials. The cycling environmental chamber, manufactured by Binder, is designed for low temperature alternating climate profiles between -70°C and 180 °C and has a humidity range between 10% and 98% RH.

With a digital display that works to an accuracy of a tenth of a degree or a tenth of a percent, the heating system ensures homogeneous temperature distribution in the interior of the climate chamber.

The humidity is regulated by a capacitive humidity sensor and steam humidification, with programmable condensation protection for samples as well as a heated viewing window featuring LED interior lighting.

With large performance reserves and rapid cooling, the MKFT Series chamber has a fast cooling rate, high precision and large power reserves, even during the most complex climate tests.

This project is funded by the Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) and the equipment is housed at our facility in Middlesbrough.

Discover more about TWI's work testing materials in aggressive environments here.

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