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Hydrophobic coatings are used as the basis to provide anti-graffiti, easy clean and anti-fouling / anti-soiling capability.

Vitolane® technology offers the opportunity to meet the industrial requirements for hydrophobicity for applications such as oil and gas installations, the exterior surfaces of glazing, display screens, power components such as turbines, and boats. Coatings that are vandalism and graffiti proof, easy clean and anti-fouling / anti-soiling are also encompassed.

The incorporation of silsesquioxanes into a hard coat improves hydrophobicity in a number of ways:

  • The presence of specific R groups, such as fluorocarbons and hydrocarbons, lowers the surface energy of the composition it goes into. Thus, whilst the composition is a liquid, it yields better wetting.
  • The ability to have multiple R groups enables good cross-linking thus 'locking' the silsesquioxane into the composition thereby improving durability.

In trials, hydrophobic coatings gave contact angles of greater than 110° with water.

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