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Intellectual Property Licensing

TWI has a long history of innovation and an excellent record of rapid introduction of new ideas to its Members and the wider engineering community. Any intellectual property arising in a project is owned by the Member(s) funding it.

However, we also fund and carry out our own internal research and are involved in a significant number of collaborative projects. When a disruptive invention appears, we will seek to protect it to assist its effective uptake by industry and to enhance our own business aims.

TWI’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) strategy is developed hand-in-hand with the technical development of any invention. We seek to remove barriers to the rapid introduction of the invention by a number of methods including patenting the underlying technology, running collaborative research efforts to develop the idea, offering licences on a non-discriminatory basis, speedily publishing results of developments and organising appropriate dissemination events.

All licence royalties are reinvested in TWI for the benefit of the membership as a whole and used to fund the development of new ideas.

Technologies for Licensing

TWI technologies that are available for licensing:

Exploitation Support

TWI has had considerable success in exploiting its small but significant invention portfolio. Through this activity we have acquired a range of competencies that include the following:

      • Mature and sophisticated handling of commercially sensitive confidential information
      • Management of intellectual property rights 
  • Safeguarding Members' intellectual property assets
  • Technology licensing and exploitation

TWI can use these competencies to assist any of its Members in exploiting their ideas.

A culture of invention is engendered at TWI using a number of techniques including an internal training course covering the above competencies. On request, this approach can be tailored to an individual Member's needs.

TWI is also active in the field of open innovation with third party organisations, where the organisations work together to find the best exploitation routes for an idea. This work includes building trust and underlying commercial arrangements with potential collaborators, understanding the key needs of particular clients and developing IP assets to meet these needs.

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For more information please email: